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Hypnotic Curves Is still looking for models!!

We are looking for bad ass curvy chicks looking to show the world that they are sexy! Sexy is not a matter size or shape, it's in how a lady presents herself, and her attitude! If you think you have what it takes click the link to the follow our website, read some information about us, and then fill in and send us back the application! We look forward to hearing from you!

Also looking for photographers. If you're a photographer and would like us to post a link to your website, and would like to join some of our models for sets, please email us at hypnoticcurves@optusnet.com.au


Hi everyone!
Just letting you know we've started work on the website! However, we still NEED MODELS!

Anyone a size 10+, 18 eyars and older, there is no size limit, or age limit, we're looking for gothic gals, punk chickies, tattooed and pierced beauties! Please check out our website, and email us if you're interested!


Spread the word!

Nov. 24th, 2006

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Name: Matt Sirman (aka Metal Matt)

Location: Doonside, Sydney

MO: This guy was a cool friend. I thought he was awesome! I met him through a guy I was dating at the time, they went to school together... Anyways, I had a rought break up with Arthur, and MAtt and I had become friends. He hated Arthur, so he told me, and he helped me deal with the break up... We started talking a lot, and I developed feelings for him.. So we caught up one weekend when I was in Sydney and he kissed me when he left, and asked if we were an "item" now... I thought "Wow he's hot, of course I'll date him!" and boy did I pay...

att and I went to catch up over the next few weeks and he either stood me up or was hours late. So I started going to his palce instead. It was easier and the only way I'd be guaranteed seeing him. At first with the sex thing he'd lead me on, and he couldn't "perform"... I later discovered why... He's brutal. He couldn't only stay erect if he was treating me like shit and being an abusive cunt... He did unspeakable things and the thought of him still scares me shitless and makes my blood run cold... Now for whatever reason my fucked up head convinced me I loved this guy and would tolerate just about anything to be with him. He played games worse than RG did!! He would tell me "I love you, I love you" an hour later "You fat fucking ugly slut just go die I hate you!" Then... "I love you, marry me, let's run away together! Let's go live in the country together and get married!" He told his best friend these nice things he said to me were to "shut her up"

I put up with his disgusting ways for about 3 months. Then I went on a trip to Perth, and he was all sweet and loving, until I came back. I went to see him and he hit on my sister, and was a complete asshole to me (and his family) and his dad took me home, disgusted by his son's actions, and tried to get Matt to be honest with me. I never saw him again.

However, he started sending me threatening text messages and emails, threatening to kill me, and/or drive me to suicide and "Oh I'm gonna make you kill yourself" "I'm gonna love watching you die" etc... My band was playing a gig in April 04 and he was apparently going to be there (he was mates with some of my friends, and they said he would be there... they also didn't give a shit what he'd done to me, he could potentially promote their band therefore he was a top bloke.) and was threatening to attack me at the festival... I almost pulled out of the performance! I don't think I saw him there if he was, but I was hiding all day apart from my 20 minutes on stage...

After I threatened to take these text messages and emails to the cops for assault, he stopped, and disappeared... Then I heard through the gravevine he still had pictures of me, and had them with a collection of other girls' pictures he did similar things to and was flashing them around bragging about his accomplishments... I also heard (which made me feel safer) he'd left the country, which has turned out to be false information. He's discovered me on one of those profile websites... He hasn't said or done anything (yet) but I'm waiting for it... He's still where he used to live etc... And I now live very close to his (only like 4 or 5 suburbs away!) and I'm dreading the day I jsut happen to run into him...

Summary: Abusive, manipulative, lying piece of shit... Don't EVER, EVER, EVER date this one...

Goth / Fetish Wear for Sale

Hi All,

I've got 2 items for sale - both are genuine Gallery Seperntine items (both worn only once.)

1) Blood red satin & Black lace Bustier - back lacing (size 10). Originally bought for $240 but will sell for less.

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2) Black PVC halterneck top - back lacing (size 10).

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No reasonable offer will be refused.
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Name: Roydon ("RG") Glass

Location: Buttfuckin' around Queensland with my former best mate.

Age: 21

MO: Right now this little fucker (well, big fucker as he now is LOL) fucked me around for about 4 or 5 years. We met, fell in love, started dating, 11 months later "Sorry babe but you're dumped" He ran off with my friend Julia. LEft Julia for my other friend Petrina. Left Petrina came back to me (I didn't know about {Petrina. Yet.) Another 6 or 7 months go by he tells me he can't live without me etc. etc, then my friend Kurt says "On the way back from Genna's today RG told me he's gonna dump you for Genna. Just warning sweetie" That night, "You're dumped" While he was dating these girls (Genna was another good friend of mine, or so I thought) he kept telling me "I love you I love you! I miss you, I want you back" and telling them "She's a stupid lying fat ugly slut and I hate her" trying to turn them against me. It worked with Julia and Petrina. Genna went to Melbourne to visit her father, and RG started his usual "I love you, I want you back" crap, being in love with him the way I was, wanted so desperately to believe it was true, he sent himself an e-mail from Genna's account, dumping himself because obviously she wasn't as brilliant as he thought, and well wanted to crawl back to his emotional tampon (me) for the time being. I asked her about this email he received she said she hadn't even checked her email that day and didn't send it. Anyway, we again got back together, and then I got kicked outta home and he kinda disappeared for a while. Assuming it was over, I moved on with another guy (However, I still did have feelings for RG) and I found RG had moved on with this guy's ex Gemma. (Yes, Genna and Gemma. LOL) Now, I didn't know Gemma, but apparently these two were smitten. One day he called me and I just happened to be visiting my father. So we talked for hours (as e did very regularly) and I told him the new situation with dating Kurt, and living with my mother, etc. So we kept in contact as we always had, and things apparently turned sour with Gemma, and he started once again to profess his love to me. And again, I foolishly fell for his charm and went back to him. Now, during the times we were "on" he was apparently also still fucking Julia, she'd call me or come visit me and tell me things like "RG was fucking me at 9 last night" sometimes she'd fuck up and pick times when he in fact with me, but not always, so I didn't know what to make of her shit.Now, this last time really was the last time. He left me for a girl on the internet living in America called Vanessa. She was a net buddy of ours, we chatted to her in the Metallica chatroom... Got dumped for a picture on the computer screen, boosts your self esteem don't it? Anywho, they didn't last long and he was giving me his usual crap, until he met my friend Sarah who lives in Queensland. Apparently they hit it off quite well and hewas moving to Quuensland, he told me, to live with his uncle in Brisbane, knowing him as well as I did I knew he didn't have an uncle in Brisbane. And he refused to admit I was right. (as men tend to do.) and Sarah was all excited one day because something big was happening in 9 days. So was RG. I finally got it out of them they were together and moving in together in 9 days. That's what the excitement was about. Now Sarah and RG were still friendly with me until... They moved in together. He started his lies about me again and of course, Sarah now thinks I'm a dirty liar and hates my guts. Though, everything he told her was completely false. Now, good for them, they found happiness,and are still together, but FUCK HIM FOR BEING THE LYING MANIPULATIVE JERK THAT HE IS.

Summary: Stay away from him, he'll tell you what you want to hear, and rip your heart out of your arse. Time, and time again. Fuck your friends and leave you feeling like you wanna die.

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Name: Jayde Clarke

Age: 19

Location: Central Coast somewhere with her boy of the month.

MO: This girl seems oh so nice at first. Until you know, she has her first psychotic outburst! And screams at all of her friends and storms off expecting someone to chase her. This girl is the ultimate drama queen! Now, I felt sorry for her, and was her friend, I mean she was nice to me... (at first). She had a rough break up with a guy, and he was allegedly harassing her little sisters, so my bf and I started on him. And he denied, denied, denied, so I asked her sisters, they said "Nah he didn't do anything." So we apologised to this guy, told him the story, and he was all cool with it. Anyway, she then hooked up with my bf's best mate, Chris. Although was trying to hide it. Didn't help that he was giving up detailed accounts of everything they did sexually. I knew everything before she even said "we're dating." Including some very embarassing stories which he should've kept to himself! Anyway, the four of us move in together in Caringbah, and things are going well for a while. Her and I needed jobs, so I did her up a snazzy new resume, and gave her some clothes, and let her borrow my nice shoes for job interviews etc., because she didn't have anything appropriate for that sort of thing, and then she got sick. Chris and Ed (posted below) thought she was full of shit. At first yeah she did look ill, and she was actually vomiting one night. She came to me and asked me to help her, which I did, being friends and all, that's what friends do, help each other out. Now she spent her days playing games on the computer, listening to music, and eating. While I cleaned, unpacked boxes, and went job hunting. Anyway, She started whingeing about the boys smoking in the house, it was aggravating her asthma. So, I told them to go smoke in my bedroom, or outside, co it was away from her and couldn't aggravate her asthma. (by the way her asthma attacks were very pathetically put on. Imagine a drama queen faking an asthma attack. *cough cough* oh dear my asthma! *cough cough* and pretends to faint). By this time I had also started a job. Not one I'm proud of but hey you gotta do what you gotta do. I was a phone sex operator, so I worked on the phone a lot and in my bedroom so no one had to listen to me crap on, but the boys were now smoking in my bedroom. (Couldn't smoke in CHris's because well, Jayde slept there too! and refused to smoke outside.) I was in there cleaning up, and about to go to work, so was trying to get the boys out. Jayde meanwhile was on her own in the living room watching tv, and must have thought we were up to something, what I don't know, but she threw down plates in the sink and screamed and threw herself on the floor. We all go out to inspect, and the boys were on their way out regardless, and I asked her if she was okay, and she screamed at us "YOU ALL FUCKIN' HATE ME!" We were shocked, and aske her to clarify, she screamed and ran off into the living room and threw herself against the wall crying and moaning. We explained to her "Sorry to leave you out here on your own but the boys were about to come out with you, and I'm going to be working, you didn't want them smoking around you so they're doing it out of your way, taking your asthma into consideration, and I'm working so I can pay my share of rent, food, bills etc.!" She then started rambling some shit about "end it all now" and ran and threw her leg over the edge of the balcony and sat there threatening to kill herself. Ed went and grabbed her,pulled her inside and threw her on the couch and called her a "pathetic excuse for a human being." This was the first incident, there were a few more over the 5 weeks she lived with us (e.g. her 'illness', was she was ill one night, but, it did seem very put on the next 2 weeks.) She was fighting with Chris a lot, and he wanted to dump her but kept stringing her along 'cos it was regular sex for him (which he wasn't used to LOL). One night he got jack of hershit and dumped her, she came running after him into the living room crying begging him to give her another chance, and I took her off into my bedroom to calm her down and comfort her, he was a real jerk about it. Sat there laughing and Ed putting shit on her. So I locked the two of us in my bedroom and comforted her for a few hours. Chris kept fucking her, leading her along some more, she continued to not bothre looking for work, or contribute in any way around the unit, and Chris decided he wasn't going to pay for her shit anymore, and wanted her out. So on Xmas Eve, (well, it was 1am so technically Xmas Day) he went into the bedroom, woke her up, and told her he wanted her out.) She didn't react like they expected. She came out into the living room, melancholy, and just sat there on the floor, looking at the carpet. I asked what was wrong, she told me, I went to sit by her, comfort her and Ed started yelling at her "Can you fuckin' blame him? You're a lazy shit, you do nothing, you'vegot no job, you don't even clean up!" etc. etc., he was no better. No job, and did nothing around the place, not even his own laundry. All the fights Chris Ed and I were having at that stage were over her. I wanted Chris to be a man and tell her the truth as early as possible so she doesn't get strung along and hurt, and they thought it was funny. They even made a rule to hold over us "The leaseholders have FINAL SAY" Now both being 17 when we signed the lease, Jayde and I weren't leaseholders. So, we were overruled by the boys time and time again. And even after they kicked her out they kept this rule in place to overrule me for the next 13 months I lived there. So the decision to kick her out was there's, and it honestly wasn't mine. I thought it was slack and we should set her up a make-shirt room in the dining room until she can make arrangements for something else, like share accomodation or something, and I'd help her out finding it. Nope. They wanted her gone. That day. She now \blames ME for everything that happened, and says it was all my doing, and all I did was bitch and be nasty and backstab her, and is spreading this around to all of our mutual friends. I've explained the real story to them as I have to you now and I guess we'll just see what happens.

Summary: Psychotic. Slutty. Dirty. Two faced.

The last scourge...

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Name: Mika

Age: 20

Origin: This scrawny little waste of skin spent the first 12 years her life living in QLD, mainly Hervey Bay. She now is a product of the shire – ultimately a shire slut.

Current Location: This two-faced pot-bellied bitch stalks around the Shire – predominantly in Westfields Miranda or Caringbah station. Works at QBE in Sydney CBD.

M.O.: This scrawny two-faced back-stabbing dog is close friends with Nuala and Alby (see previous posts.) She is one of those truly exceptional piece of shit that you find clinging to any “rebellious” or “independently minded” groups in the Shire. Her main mission is to befriend you, gets all your secrets and then spins a web of lies and turns everyone against you. When you first meet her she seems like a really nice person, but believe me, she can be a real nasty pig. She has tried previously to hook up with my partner (even though 2 of her supposed best friends have dated him) and as soon as he started dating me, she spread lies about him (all of which turned out to be untrue.) I had no problem with her until her associates (Alby & Nuala) started fucking with my life. I then told her I didn’t want contact til I figured out who was my friend and who was just back-stabbing. From there she changed instantly from my best friend to a gutless fuck who harassed, made vicious unnecessary posts and hypocritically attacked me. She even had the nerve to come to my sister’s 19th birthday (she was uninvited), hypocritically make out with Alby in front of my family (but then later swear that she never cheated on her boyfriend) while verbally abusing and making snide comments about my family, racist comments about Sandy’s friends and then had the nerve to tell my mum I was a junkie, that my partner gave me aids and that he was whoring me out to people. She also had a lovely conversation with my sister about my intelligence (or lack of) and basically disrespected myself, my family and my partner. All this was done while I was 7 hours away with my partner at his 21st birthday party.
Her actions led to me moving out of home very shortly. With the no contact rule you would have thought she would have ceased harassment, but only last week she shoulder-barged me at the train station, almost making me fall onto the train tracks (with the city train due in less than a minute.) But when I ran into her with some mutual friends, she acted as though nothing had ever happened. Prime example of what a 2-faced shire slut she is.

Summary:2-faced, liar, hypocrite, mindless sheep, shire slut, degenerate, immature, narrow-minded, empty vessel, pot-bellied waif, morally bankrupt, deceitful malicious bitch.

You can find her endless dribble on lj under jessmika

Nov. 13th, 2006

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Name: Daniel Walsh

Location: Fairfield, Sydney

Age: 21


This guy pretends to be your best friend. And he's very very good at fooling you into thinking he really is. Now, I remember my first conversation with this guy he told me (someone he didn't know) all this shit about his life, about being raped by priests, and his dad, and this that and evreything else. Now I was an idiot and dated him for all of 2 weeks. I quickly woke up to myself and broke it off. Now since then, he has bitched to every single person I know (INCLUDING my family members on ym sister's wedding day!) about how much of a bitch I am and how I sued him, deceived him etc., and denies all this to me, he used me to cheat on his ex girlfriend Krista, and tells bullshit sob stories to everyone to gain as much sympathy as possible. Oh he also shows personal letters written to him to absolutely everyone when he's bitching about how horrid a person you are, just to prove that "See she professes to love me and then kicks me in the face" (When really, I was telling him, you're smothering me, back off! And even his own mother saw that!)

Whenever I started dating someone knew (Because he's just such a macho man and knows so many hitmen, bikers, and can get all this background information, etc.) he pretends to do background checks on my new boyfriend/girlfriend, and then proceeds to make up lies about them to make me think they're jerks and leave them so he can attempt to get me back (again). If this doesn't work, he then decides to threaten my new partner and tell them how "Once, I buried thisguy alive up to his neck in the ground, and then just before I covered his head, I told all this shit about how much of a jerk he was, and how he's going to suffer in hell" and all this shit. My current partner copped this the first night he met Daniel, and atthis point Daniel didn't even know we were dating but suspected we would start. My current told me all of the threats Daniel put on him, and was very worried that I would be spending the next 3 days up the coast with this guy for my sister's wedding. So I confessed to Daniel "Yes, that guy is my partner" and he started bitching to all of my family members and people he didn't know, including my 14 year old brother whom I almost never see, my step father overheard his crap and decided to go off at him, my sister found out I was seeing my now partner and decided to have a scream and yell at me for treating Daniel like shit. I never lead this guy on, I told him upfront "I'm not interested, plese back off you are smothering me, I do appreciate all of your help, but please don't misinterpret my kindness as an interest in being with you." and he still fucked me round.

Oh, and he also posts deceiving pictures of himself on the net, and whenever he gets a girlfriend loves to rub every aspect of their fantastic relationship in your face trying to make you jealous so you'll leave your partner and go running to him, because he's just so great.

Summary: This guy feeds off pain. He's full of lies, and hatred, and loves nothing more than fucking with people's heads and making everyone feel bad. (He will also admit he likes to fuck people around, but will swear he'd never do it to a 'friend'.)

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Name: Jade Coveny

Location: Budgewoi, Central Coast NSW. However, can be seen whoring herself around Mt Druitt (Sydney's west 'Scumbag city') and slutsville Queensland.


FUCKS WITH YOU EVERY WAY SHE KNOWS HOW. She'll worm her way into being your best friend, however will copy everything you do. Will cut and dye her hair like yours, dress like you, talk like you, and basically become an ugly, fat, smelly clone of you.

Now, a few occurences were... She started dating my friend Luke. His best friend Adam got jealous and tried to fuck with their relationship (Adam will be posted here too.) He succeeded. Adam loathed Jade. When I found out some things he was trying to do to her, I (being the person I am) thought I should tell her, and she went running to adam telling him I was bitching about him, and consequently, I lost adam, Tiffany, and Luke as my friends. (obviously they weren't great friends to begin with. So no great loss really.) ALso during this time she took the liberty of making up lies about my partner and how he was "constantly perving" on her, and hitting on other girls. I confronted him, he denied it. I still don't know who to believe,as I know they're both big ass liars and backstabbers! Oh, and she rivals Alby (posted earlier) in the stinky stakes! She borrowed the leather jcket in the picture above from me, after that day I needed to repeatedly soak and scrub that jacket for nearly 2weeks to rid of it of her stench.

Summary: Clone, smelly, liar, slut, manipulative.
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Name: Cathy

Age: 24

Origin: This failed abortion slithers around the vicinity of Menai.

Current Location: When not sleeping with relatives in Canowindra, she seems to roam around Town Hall.

M.O.: This little slut is the cousin of my partner (3 times removed.) At a family funeral in Canowindra, she fucked my partner (who was a deceitful gutless wonder at the time) on the grass in the backyard of his grandparents place (unprotected). This meant they, apart from being really messed up and incestuous, cheated on their partners at the time. For the following days, she pretended that she was friend and denied anything happened. She then had the nerve to try and get onto him in front of me, showed him her bare ass and cunt in my presence and followed us home where she kissed him, and refused to leave the next day, leaving them both in my bed with my mum in the same house. This dirty diseased cunt continued to keep in contact with both Joe and I, and kept telling me how Joe was cheating on me with the other slut, Nuala (see previous post.) She also tried to hook up with me and kept telling me how I should dump Joe and go out with her (gee, do you reckon she had an ulterior motive???) When Joe told her that he was disgusted at what he had done and no longer wanted to see her, she kept visiting his home when he wasn’t there, kept visiting my home when I wasn’t present and harassed us with sms and calls from herself and her partner. With all this disgusting intrigue, I ended up having to change my name and cannot look at myself in the mirror easily as we both shared the same name and similar facial features (except I actually look good.) To this day, she still makes me sick to my stomach

Summary: Incestuous slut, whore, dirty diseased cunt, fat bitch, mindless, gutless fuck, dumbass.

If you would like to a free hooker, her mobile is 0404702795

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Name: Alby (real name: Franklin Stewart)

Age: 20

Origin: This pap smear came from the shire (like most sluts.)

Current Location: After turning almost friends against him, he has relocated to Perth, Australia. However, he is feeling very “lonely” and may return to Sydney.

M.O.: This pathetic excuse of a human being prides himself on being the most deceitful, depraved and lying sack of shit to walk the earth. His whole purpose is to inflict pain on others and fuck over his friends as much as possible. This sad waste of space is so lonely and pathetic he has delusions of grandeur and demands to be called “El Presidente” or “Alby of Roth.” Originally a nice person, my family took him in when his father died. We paid for everything and took him from a home that resembled a housing commission complex to a proper family environment (where we cared for him, feed him and found him furniture for his bedroom. We even bought him a $4000 queen-sized bed.) He then turned nasty, where he kept trying to hook up with me (even though I had a partner at the time), then attempting to woo my younger sister (as a second choice) and then when I fell in love with his friend (my now partner) he did everything in his power to hurt us both. He treated my partner like shit, called him “his bitch” and would constantly bitch about us to everyone. He was a significant person involved in Nuala’s back-stabbing and would cause trouble among all involved. He also kept trying to get onto me in front of my partner. He was such a sad case that he used to steal my underwear and fishnets and wear them daily “just to be close to me.” He also would come into my room when I was sleeping (naked, as I do) and sit on my bed and write letters to me, or just watch me sleep. He also threatened our lives with our own swords and verbally assaulted my Mum, causing her to have a heart attack. When my partner finally came to his senses and after a short break up, ditched both Nuala, Mika, Cole and Alby (otherwise known as shire sluts), he fucked Nuala as a revenge tactic, and then proceeded to tell my Mum that I was a junkie, whore and that my partner had given me AIDS. Alby has a history of doing this as he slept with Cole, one of my partner’s previous girlfriends, while they were going out. He also has a stench unparalleled to anything I have ever encountered.

Summary: Waste of space, deceitful snake, sad pathetic sexually in adept deviant, faggot, transvestite, junkie, alcoholic, shire slut who can only get sloppy seconds.

If you would like to avoid contact with this traitor, he is on lj as killing_me_killing_you

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Location: Sutherland Shire


Okay now when you first meet this guy he seems really nice, and caring, and polite, and he appears like a real gentleman. Until you get to know him. When I met him I fell in love. He was reasonably nice to my friends and family, and he did everything he could for his mates, so I thought "Wow, what a great guy!" Plus he gave me the impression (in the early days) he loved me for the person I was.

About 4 months into our relationship we moved in together. In doing this we made a few very big mistakes. His best friend moved in. So did mine. They were dating also. They had a very rocky relationship, and I discovered very quickly that Ed could be a real jerk. He treated Jayde like shit. (Jayde also appears on here, so you may all think she got what she deserved.) Now he called her things like "pathetic excuse for a human being" and started smoking a hell of a lot more pot. (He smoked maybe a stick every 2 days when we first started which I didn't think was too bad. Until it more than doubled.) He also demanded at random intervals that he wanted a break, if I wouldn't grant him that, then he wanted a calendar of 60 days, and whenever he went out for the night, I wasn't allowed to go out with him, and for that night he was single and could do anything he liked with whoever he liked and that was one night marked off his calendar. Same rule did not apply to me. I could go out, but I had to be faithful. And when he found out (by eavesdropping) that OMG I had a sexual history before him, he wouldn't touch me, he was disgusted with me and said "It doesn't feel the same anymore" when during our entire relationship he'd been bragging about his ex girlfriends.

Now he still in the early days appeared to be a real sweetie, buying me cute little gifts etc. But then the fighting started. And he was a lazy, selfish shit. He didn't do anything for himself besides wipe his own arse. And even when it came to toiletting he wanted to lay in bed and piss into a bottle. I made him cups of tea, chopped his weed, washed and ironed his clothes, and cleaned up after him, cooked every meal for him, paid his bills, etc. And he started becoming very distant and very demanding at the same time. He started messaging people and wouldn't let me anywhere near his phone in the fear I'd find out who it was. Now to this day he swears he didn't cheat, but all his ex girlfriends were calling him at 3am when he was up and I was in bed. He was messaging them constantly. And a few days after I left him and moved out, his new girlfriend moved in. Suspicious yet anyone? Oh, and I should tell you that for 3 months before I left him he wouldn't touch me. No hugs, no kisses, no sex, nothing. He was disgusted at the thought of touching me because, yes I did gain a little weight but I didn't think I was repulsive. He did. He was also trying to push me into a threesome and got shitty at me when I said I'd have to think about it.

I wanted to get a kitten. I discussed with him in depth before I decided I would do it and he was fine with it. Until I did it. We found out about the cat, it was going to cost us nothing to buy (only to buy food, litter box etc. - and all that only cost like $15 from the cheap shops.)and he was such a beautiful cat. I fell in love with him straight away. And Ed was fine for the first day. On the second day he started fighting with me over it. I was forced to lock my baby in the tiny laundry. His food, litterbox, bed, toys, all crammed into one small space. Nice huh?

He started flirting with my 16 year old cousin, also. Telling her she was "hot" etc. while I was right there. While she was visiting, Chester (my cat) got quite ill, and happened to vomit on the carpet. Well, Ed flew off the handle at me screaming at me and threatening to kill the cats, and kick me out etc. (He'd already made several threats to the cat's life.) And demanded at 2am that I put the cat in a box and dump him outside the vet up the street. "Fucking mongrel cat" was the phrase he kept using. My cousin was so scared for us she was willing to rent out motel rooms for us to get me outta there. I wasn't gonig to dump the cat, so I called my good friend neko_nymph. I asked if perhaps she could house them there until I sorted shit out with Ed. Well, he found out I called her and ripped me a new arsehole for "airing out our dirty laundry" and locked me in our bedroom, pinned me to the bed, got right up in my face and screamed at me "You're a fucking liar! How dare you air out our dirty laundry. I'm going to teach you the meaning of the discretion the hard way!" And then he told me. "I want 5 demands daily, they can be anything I want, and NO ARGUING you do them WHEN I SAY." Three days later, I left him. I took my cats, and as much of my personal belongings as I could and moved in with my sister.

Then he would call me, "I love you come back" one minute, and then screaming abuse at me the next. I loved him, I wanted to work something out, so I did a very stupid thing and went to visit him on my own. He locked me in his flat, and started screaming at me, and grabbed my arms to stop me walking away, and all he wanted to do was yell abuse at me and keep me captive. Mind you, he was already sleeping with another woman. I even asked him "Where's this 'friend' of your's staying?" he said "Oh, in my bed with me." Of course I knew what was going on. There's a couch, she could've slept there. There was a spare single bed, she could've slept there. But he swears he wasn't cheating.

I foolishly kept talking to him (I loved him, I wanted to try sort something out.) and he was leading both me and this other poor girl on. They were fighting constantly, too so I'd heard. So I told him, look I'm sick of the lies, and the bullshit, and the fucking me around. So I started turning my mobile off and when it was on I ignored his calls. Spo this psycho called SENSIS and asked them for the number of "K ______ in St MArys" and started calling my home phone number. I came home from a weekend away with my family to discover 4 messages on my answering machine from him! I had to tell him repeatedly for months to leave me the fuck alone! And he still didn't get the message.

So, now 11 months later, he's left his girlfriend, and is only now starting to realise how good he had it with me and wants me back again. He's asking a fmutual friend of ours about me often, things that aren't his business anymore. And wants to be my "friend" So 11 months later he still hasn't understood that I meant it when I said "I WANT NOTHING MORE TO DO WITH YOU. " he said "So this is goodbye forever?" I said "Yes. Forever. Goodbye" and hung up on him. He still hasn't given up.

JERK. LIAR. ASSHOLE. And loves his domestic abuse. Stay away from this one girls. By the way, he's a huge pot head.

xXxHell KitteNxXx (Community Maintenance)

Let's get the ball rolling...

Let me introduce myself. I am Cat, one of the maintainers of this lovely little community. For those of you who would like to know more about me, please feel free to check out my lj. Now, down to business.....

Hit List Candidate - No 1. = Nuala Mary Thompson

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Name: Nuala Mary Thompson

Age: 16

Origin: This junkie crawled out from under a rock somewhere in Townsville.

Current Location: Randomly slutting herself around newtown. May be seen at underage raves and anime conventions. Has links to the shire.

M.O.: This little slut was dating my now partner when she was 15 (he was 20). They had on online relationship where they cheated on each other, never had sex and only saw each other for 2 weeks in person. After dumping him on their 6 month anniversary (while cheating with him with various persons) she then plotted to try and steal him back once he had committed himself to me. She enlisted the help of my male housemate, Alby, (whom was best friends with my partner, close friend of mine) and pretended to be my friend while she was stabbing me in the back. My partner (being a spineless, gutless shit that he was) then was manipulated by some of her mind games while she denied any cheating on her behalf. Ultimately she created so much stress and mind-fucking that I ended up getting so sick I had an anerysm, lost 20kg and nearly killed myself. My partner and I broke up for a short time because of her. (We're now happily living together since he grew up, matured and now is the most faithful loving partner I could ever hope for.) As a revenge tactic, she turned all his slutty shire friends against him (good riddance) and slept with his best mate Alby. Her, Alby and all the shire slut friends are now subject to the "no contact" rule where we no longer want anything to do with them and any contact made will treated as an act of war.

Summary: Hypocrite, Liar, Slut, Manipulator, attention-seeking whore, Junkie, damn ugly bitch (who looks like a 12 year old boy), underage try-hard punk/goth, emo-fuckwit.

Warning: If you want avoid contact this miscreant, she is listed on lj as mushd.